EATCP – European Association for Thai Culture Promotion

EATCP is an ideal and independent organization. The association is worthy neutral, but seeks to convey the best of Thai values ​​and traditions.

Membership is given to groups, organizations and companies that conduct activities related to Thai culture, both ideal and commercial.


  • Work for increased knowledge and dissemination of Thai culture in Europe.
  • Provide support and assistance to people and groups, in Thailand and Europe, engaging in Thai cultural activities.


  • Create pride and enjoyment that Thai culture lives and is used in Europe.
  • Help Thai people in Europe to take care of their roots.
  • Help children of Thai parents in Europe to get to know and understand Thai culture and language.
  • Create more good jobs for Thai people in Europe.
  • Increase the knowledge and interest of Thai culture in the European population, so that tourism to Thailand gets increased volume and quality.


  • Promote serious Thai culture practitioners:
    • Thai restaurants that have chefs with public level 1 exam.
    • Thaimassers with public level 1 exam.
    • Musicians with approved booking agents.
    • Artists with market potential in Europe.
    • Language schools with Thai as 1st or 2nd language.
  • Culture calendar showing all thaic culture activities in Europe.
  • Arrange and / or support Thai culture festivals and events.
  • Give sponsorship to Thai brands that want exposure in Europe.